Cicciolina, eternal superstar

The original article I wrote was published (in Finnish) in the online magazine Sylvi February 14, 2017. Now I edited and translated the text into exotic English.

Been a big Cicciolina fan and interviewed the goddess of love of the last century. Does the diva Cicciolina meet my expectations?

I vividly remember the moment I see the Italian porn star and MP Ilona Staller, aka Cicciolina, for the first time. The video clip is from the year 1988. Finnish TV channel Yle Kakkonen presents a sensational moments from Staller’s visit to Finland. She greets her Finnish colleagues in Parliament and occasionally pumps out her other naked breast, a teddy bear on her armpit, an innocent lustful smile on her face. The speech of the Speaker of Parliament turns into a stutter. The whole parliament is confused for a moment. The vision makes a strong impression on me. I immediately start to be a fan of this blatantly behaving woman.

Legendary Ilona “Cicciolina” Staller seems to have broken many taboos along her life. She showed her bare breasts as the first woman on an Italian TV channel, starred in more than 50 adult entertainment and porn films, and offered sex to Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden to promote world peace. She has been elected to the Italian Parliament with a huge amount of votes. Staller’s life has not lacked a splash and special twists.

The Italian diva opens the secret gates of her life

My eyes are about to pop out of my head as I stare at my cell phone screen one night. Cicciolina Official aka Ilona Staller starts following me on Instagram. It doesn’t take long for her to already write me something. My heart is beating fast.

I spontaneously ask if I could interview her. In a few days, she answers that the interview is fine, if she can answer my questions via email. But of course! It takes a little while and she sends me a friend request on Facebook. I am choked with happiness. She chats with me actively and on her own initiative. It feels like this is the best thing that can happen to a fan girl!

I will get answers to my interview questions in a few weeks. Staller also sends 50 pictures of herself. There will be no shortage of material. Soon, she’s already asking if I could add a sales ad for sunglasses and a book to my article. I politely say no.

From modeling career into a porn star

I have asked Ilona Staller tell the different stages of her career. Hungarian-born Staller writes that as a young model girl, she moved to Italy in the early 1970s, where a real turning point in life takes place. She meets a porn professional Riccardo Schicchi, with whom Staller hosts a bold, strongly erotic radio show. In this case, Staller adopts the artist name Cicciolina. They set up a Diva Futura pornography studio with Schicchi and start producing films. Open minded Cicciolina is of great interest to the public. Staller is the first woman to appear topless on Italian television. This takes place on Italian RAI TV in 1978 and the moment is indelibly drawn to the minds of many viewers. For the experimental Staller, requests to appear in porn movies start flooding in the 1980s, and with her uninhibited grip, Ilona also grabs several offers. Movies are popular. The world of porn has gotten a new, bright star.

According to Staller, the pornographic films in which he has appeared have always been logical in their plot and have highlighted social portraits combined with pornography. As an example, she cites the film Orgy Atomica (1984), which takes us to the apocalyptic spheres, in which the atmosphere is pressured by the imaginary threat of nuclear war. The radioactive wind sweeps all of humanity as it goes. A great moment to escape the destruction of the world and hold a small group of post-apocalyptic orgies! I watch through the film, but to my disappointment, the film’s brainless mating doesn’t get that much its weird dramatic twists.

Staller says that by placing a flower crown on her head, she becomes a provocative and overwhelming diva Cicciolina, who has fought for sexual freedom since the 1980s. Cicciolina has always experienced herself as a true sex symbol and has also become known around the world as a messenger of free sex. The artist name Cicciolina has become a popular trademark. It has sold perfume, music, fashion. However, Staller notes that Cicciolina and Ilona Staller cannot be distinguished in her personality. Mystical woman.

Staller is full of confidence.

“Nowadays, there are no female actors who are as charming and charismatic as I am as Cicciolina. I have been seen as a pop star and icon worldwide throughout the ages and I am still a hot topic. ”

I’m doing a test. I ask five young Finnish adults what images Cicciolina evokes in them. None of them knows who I’m talking about. I am confused.

A politician without barriers

Ilona Staller was elected to the Italian parliament in the 1980s with 20,000 votes. Staller does not say how she has succeeded in this. Instead, she says she stunned the people during her 1987-1992 parliamentary term.

“I broke the boundaries of politics by bringing eroticism into the realm of law and order. Nudity is not outrageous, why not to be in Parliament without clothes? ”

Political colleagues and the people are gasping for breath – many talking with delight, some with anger.

Staller has sought to influence many things in her political career: “I fought hard for human rights, opposed nuclear power, NATO membership, all violence and animal testing. I seek to promote the sexual freedom of prisoners. I spoke in favor of decriminalizing drug use and removing all censorship. In addition, I called for a more effective information campaign on sex education and AIDS. All the ideas and projects I presented went to the unused folder and that was enough for me. What a disappointment!” She says that the years of politics have been a great experience and that she was always present at parliamentary sittings. “Italians have voted for me because of my values ​​in life and because I respected them. Still, the Italians remember me for what I was driving and would come back to vote for me back in Parliament, to continue as an advocate of these things.”

The one-person opinion of the Italian people sitting on my couch is about to suffocate with laughter.

A few years ago, there were rumors in the media that Staller was returning to politics. Is it so? She dismisses rumors: ”I am satisfied with the earlier political career, and I have no plans to return to the Italian Parliament.”

Music and sex discos

Cicciolina’s music is a fascinating soup with its camp style lyrics spiced with a childish singing style and has been released extensively: five full-length albums and a big pile of single releases. The debut album Ilona Staller, which included disco music, was released in 1979, after which new releases have popped up at a steady pace. Staller herself names Muscolo Rosso (1987) as her most popular track. The song is quite straightforward about sex. The song was not released in Italy at all because of the lyrics been way too provocative. However, it became a hit song in several other countries, especially in France and Spain. Cicciolina’s songs have something just the right way weird, and I, like many others are totally hooked.

Staller says that recently, production has been remixed and produced in abundance. Now her music is wrapped up under the Dance 80’s concept: records are sold and hot sex discos are held. 80’s evenings keep the young Ilona busy and the events are popular, she says.

Platonic relationship with Vesa Keskinen

Finnish television viewers rubbed their eyes a few years ago while watching a reality TV program from the village store of Tuuri. I would like to hear how Ilona Staller ended up at the Million Strike 2014 event organized by Vesa Keskinen.

Staller says of his friendship with Keskinen: “Vesa and I are like brother and sister. I admire his way of seeing the world. He arrived to pick me up from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in his lavish limousine, handed me red roses and we drank champagne in the back seat of the car. I had been invited to the Tuuri summer event. I was the official patron of the event and a special guest of Vesa. I got to cruise on a Keskinen’s Red Ferrari during a TV interview. I remember fishing with Vesa on the lake shore. Vesa won, of course, the number one man in any case. Keskinen treated me like a princess, he is so hospitable! I got to live in a hotel he owned, though I also visited his home, like a real sister. Would it be nice to visit a Finnish reality TV show and chat with Vesa behind the cameras – or sneak in Tuuri again.” I’m amazed by this story. I must have had a completely wrong, even slightly dirty, perception of Vesa’s personality.

It is not enough for Staller to turn out to be a Vesa fan – she also seems to be a real Finland fan. What on earth?

“Marketing events, photography sessions in beautiful Finnish landscapes, I miss it all! I visited Finland for the first time in the 1980s and I was so excited: I was not only Cicciolina for Finns, but also Ilona. ”

I’m trying to ask more about Finland related things from Staller. She says that she would be interested in a Finnish man as a love partner.

Fashion, filming plans and art

Staller says she’s still going strong. I notice that her website sells Cicciolina’s autographed “Per amore e per Forza” biographies. According to Staller, the works are really wanted. She also says she is still a sought-after photographic model and has reportedly posed for major international magazines. There are many event names and brands in the story, and I lose the track – even googling does not help me now.

Staller announces that she was born to be an artist and has created modern and surreal photographic and visual art. She says she brings out her own personality and life in her art with a unique, colorful, sensual and vibrant touch. ”Every life in itself is real art!” Ilona states. Art exhibitions are planned, and she would like to organize an exhibition in Finland.

At the end of the interview, Ilona Staller sends her greetings to the Finns:

“I want the world to be a place where are no wars or terrorism. I wish people peace and health, and all heterosexual and gay couples genuine joy of sex. Let’s love! ”

Photos: Ilona Staller Productions

Tekijä: Kirsi Kissis

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